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New Media

Whether you need a sales or a corporate in house presentation, TyJill has the capability and equipment to make your concepts come to life.  Using state of the art multimedia technology, we are able to deliver your presentation on either CD-ROM, DVD, laptops or desktop based computers.  We have the ability to combine Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Macromedia’s Director programs with digital video/audio and animation to produce a presentation no one will forget.

Computer Based Training and Web Based Training are excellent tools for educating your personnel.  A student that is trained on a computer has the freedom to progress at their own pace and even around his or her own daily schedule.  Supervisors can regularly administer tests along with checking the progress of the student by reviewing reports generated throughout the training process. Some of our clients have even used these training reports for reimbursement by state funded grants. Our involvement in the training process has varied from taking a client's existing training material and converting it to a computer-based format, or reviewing a client's current procedures and developing the training material from scratch.

Database Programming/Development

TyJill programs heavily in the xBase relational database environment.  Programs we develop with include FoxPro, Access, FileFlex, Oracle, and Live Wire. Projects have included the migration of data from a corporation’s mainframe to a PC-based LAN/WAN environment and the creation of all interface programs required.   TyJill has also made this program available as a stand-alone CD-ROM piece for outside salespeople

Multimedia/PowerPoint Presentation Design

Whether it is for a corporate in-house presentation, a presentation for use by salespeople, or any of several other functions, TyJill has the knowledge, personnel and equipment to create state-of-the-art multimedia pieces.  We have developed presentations for delivery through CD-ROM, laptops or desktop-based computers.  We work extensively with Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Macromedia’s Director programs.  We can combine our digital video/audio, animation and image creation capabilities to create a presentation no one will forget.

CD-ROM Title Development

TyJill has created several CD-ROM titles that have been used for national distribution.  There are several functions CD’s can be used for including corporate backgrounders, sales force automation, electronic catalogs and computer-based training.  We have also developed CD’s that provide Internet connectivity for data access and information updating.  We can develop CD’s for PC or Macintosh platforms or place both platforms on one hybrid CD.

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