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Sales Force Automation

The web is changing every aspect of our lives.  As businesses incorporate Internet technology into their core business processes they start to achieve real business value.  Today, companies large and small are using the web to communicate with their partners, to connect with their back-end data-systems, and to transact commerce.  This is e-business - where the strength and reliability of traditional information technology meet the Internet and merge the standards, simplicity and connectivity of the Internet with core processes that are the foundation of business.

Optimizing business processes and business value in every corner of the extended enterprises - from your supplierís supplier to your customerís customer.  Manufacturers and vendors can share sales forecasts, manage inventories, schedule labor, optimize deliveries and improve productivity.  

Companies with a network of suppliers, vendors, and distributors need a fast efficient way to disseminate information and enable two-way communications.  This is done over the Web using:

  • Customized extranet sites

  • Web servers

  • Groupware (e-mail-integrated collaborative software)

  • Integrate the supply chain into your companyís other processes

By using e-business based solutions, companies can:

  • Lower operating costs thru reduced inventory requirements

  • Improve customer satisfaction by maintaining adequate stock.  This will keep your offerings fresh and attuned to marketplace trends and changes

  • Improve productivity through better data integrity, fewer order entry errors, less rework, and faster communications

TyJill's Sales Force Automation Solution will:

  • Improve your company's competitive position

  • Tie together all players in the extended enterprise, from raw materials to final point distribution

  • Give real time market information to these players, allowing them to anticipate and adjust their operations in response to market conditions

  • Help eliminate costly stockpiling against demand spikes, freeing up resources and reducing costs

  • Lower the costs, improve the speed and increase the accuracy of data sharing within the extended enterprise

TyJill's expertise and solutions can solve all these problems, plus keep you on top of the latest technology evolutions.

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